14 women share stories on burnout and the struggle for a gentler world

”I used to enjoy looking at people on the train, sitting in cafes and wondering about the people who were in there. When I was sick, I had no new ideas; like Harry Potter would lose his magical abilities, I didn’t have any powers left in my mind.”

“I don’t understand why we so happily work ourselves to death.”

In this book we meet 14 women who share their experience of burnout. These are stories of loneliness and doubt, of the struggle to get the right help and uncover the path to a more sustainable lifestyle. Stories that bear witness to a working life without limits and a life filled with must-dos, but even more to strength, vitality, and courage.

This book aims to comfort and encourage those who have been there and to provide support for those who have a loved one who has been affected. For managers and employees, the book can be used in discussion groups as part of the work to prevent stress-related ill health. It is also aimed at decision-makers in matters relating to working life, healthcare, and gender equality.

Ingrid Skarp is a freelance journalist, writer, and human resources expert. She has extensive knowledge and experience in writing fiction, organisational psychology, and work-life issues. She is active as a lecturer and leads workshops for work groups with a focus on stress management. Previous publications include the novel Embargo.

”This book is the result of fantastic labours. The stories of the participants really come to life and demonstrate that we need a societal transformation if we are to tackle the problem of burnout.”

Aleksander Perski, Docent at the Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University